What is SEO in 2014?

Well, this is NO suprise toanyone, SEO is still really important in our days. Most website over look or pay very few attention to this. They think  that they can hire any SEO company to fix their problems. But really what a SEO company will do is to point out your weakness and give you advices. Lets have a look a 3 points all website should pay attention to.

  • Reach out
  • On Page SEO
  • Great content


Great Content

The first step in creating a great website is to create great content. One goes with the other. Do a reasearch of your subject and make sure that whatever you are going to talk about will be more in depth and better illustrated than any pother website.

You need to have the verybest iformation on the subject. There is milions upon millions query on google. Find a very niche subject and make it a resource for everyone in this field. It needs to be link worthy.

No one will ever link to poor content. In the other hand, people will link to awesome hard to find content because that makes them look good! That simple. So go ahead and create some great content.


How to do SEO in 2014

On Page SEO

Now the next step is to have a proper on page seo. for this there is one easy answer. WordPress Seo by Yoast. This is the only plugin you need. Enter your keyword and follow the instrucion, when the plugin gives you a green light, you are good to go!

No more underline, bold and h1, h2, h3. This is over and no needed anymore. Keep everything natural and easy to read.


Reach Out

The last part is reaching out. How it is part of SEO? well if you reach out, people will start linking to you and you will naturally grow on the search engine. There is different way to go about it.

1. First you can write round up. Lets say the top 15 top blogs in your niche. you write it and then you reach out to al the 15 people in your post and congratulate them that they made the top 15. Tell them you’ll be happy to share the link with them if they want to have a look. They will link to you to show people that they are in the top 15! That simple. But very effective.

2. Second way is to use facebook! Yes facebook is the biggest social network. Find a group in your niche and start interacting with them. Answer people, like their comments and be very active. 4

If you want a good tips on how to interact on facbook, join some MLM company and follow one of the leader. You will see how active they are and 90% of their time is spent on other people page. not theirs. Right, no one will find you if you only post on your own page. Go out and make some connection.

3. Third way is to start a podcast. It is the single most effective technique to be seen as an expert and drive loads of traffic to your website. Everytime you make a new podcast, the person who you interview will most likely link to you.

On top of that you are creating very good relation with other expert in your niche. So you achieving a lot in one go. Give it a try, it isnt hard and its really fun!


To wrap it up, to have an effective SEO plan you need great content, on page SEO and reach out to others. You dont need to hire some expensive SEO firm, You just got a 1000$ consultation for free. ENJOY! Hope you like this, leave your comment below!

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