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You see I found out that music was the single most important thing that affected my mood and my overall hapiness.

Im serious. Music by itself can help or kill your joy depending on what you are listening to.

So, If you are sad and you listen to sad music you are done. Vicious circle will start and the gaem is over. But, If you are sad, and start listening to motivational tape or just upbeat music in general, you will find life a lot better and most likely overcome your sadness


Just like a tree that grows fruit when you water it. You need to grow positive feeling by feeding your brain with happy music and thought.

It is obvious that most people do not follow those techniques and they are penalized for doing so.

But this is not why we are here today. Today I wanted to tell you about a book I read which is called how to win friends and influence people. It is a very popular book. Actually a lot of people are reaing it because it talks about very powerful techniques and principles.

The books has been written about 80 years ago but it is still very up to date and the content on t still apply. Why you ask? Because principle dont change over time.

Principle are like scientific forumlas. Even tho the world change, those formule are still correct. Unless scientific prove them wrong. usually it takes hundreds of year to find a formula wrong.

This is why it is important to base someones life on sounds principle. Because if you apply them for your entire life, You will reap the benifits as long as you are on this earth. And even long after you are gone, people will chant your name because you followed those principles.

So which principles am i talking about? Well lets say they are the principles that give politician their power. It is the principles that with their knowledge, you can influence mass of people. They are timeless principles and will influence people in a hundreds year.

They are worth their weight in gold and anybody interested in studying success should take the time and study those with care. Hope you enjoy this short post. Again the book is how to win friends and influence people by dale carnegie

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