Teespring – The New affiliate success story

Teespring is not an affiliate platform but if you do affiliate sells you should check it out.  Those guys are fully into the market and I bet they are killing it.

For those of you who have been living on a desert island for the past few months. I will give you an overview of the teespring opportunity.

What is it?teespring

Teespring is a printed t-shirt company and this is how it work.

First, you login on teespring, upload an image on a shirt and start selling it on facebook. The next thing you want to do is login to your paypal account and see all the money in there and start celebrating… YAY!

It is so simple that it is mind boggling. I remember when I started affiliate sells and cpa, it was a whole system to learn to get your first few dollars. Now after 4-5 clicks you are all set up.

There is zero cost associated with creating a shirt. It is only in your advertising that lay your expenses. But its not all, Teespring is special for another reason.

I want you to think about the last offer you promoted on facebook. Maybe it is a bodybuilding offer. Well it didn’t really matter which niche in the market you were selling to, it is always the exact same product you are selling.

The only thing that can change is your ad copy and your squeeze page… if you use one.

Thats the beuty of Teespring. you can tailor your product depending on which niche you are targeting! So if you target girl bodybuilder, you can make a shirt just for them. If you target girl that do boxing, then you can make a shirt for them too! And remember, it cost you NOTHING to create your shirt.

On top of that you can price your shirt just like you want. So if you like 100% ROI then just double the production price. Hey you want to make 200% ROI, why not! Just triple the production cost.

You basically have full control from start to finish and this is why Teespring is so damn popular.

laptop-beachEasy right! Now most people I heard of are simply killing it with this model. I cannot believe how good they do. Ive seen a lot of 10K in one month! Can you believe it! Making more than 100K a year uploading logo on a shirt and spending is day on Facebook! Thats the affiliate life.

Now im not saying that I’m going to drop everything and start doing teespring campaign, but I sure will give it a try. I really got nothing o lose, Only 100K to win!

It’s time to brush off my photoshop skills and get my creative juice flowing!

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