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So you found a good offer to promote, now all you need is a good squeeze page to extract those email address. Because you are smarter than this, you are not going to spend hundreds of dollars in advertising without a proper squeeze page… right?

How to create a squeeze page in 1 easy step!

Ask yourself thisHTML

First thing to do is to ask yourself: Can I do code, Do I ever seen the word HTML elsewhere than my Alpha-bites soup.  If the answer is NO, than you need to forget about custom squeeze page and think about something called optimize press.

Okay, I know everybody is talking about optimize press but why? The reason you here it everywhere is because it is the easier way to create a squeeze page, a sales letter, a Blog, a video squeeze page, video testimonial… anything you could ask for you can do it. Now you wont be able to change EVERYTHING but the basic is pretty damn good.

optimize-pressEvery time someone start out and wants to create a new website, I always tell them: don’t try to create the new sixteen chapel, Because all you going to do is a mess. Take a premium theme, slap a logo on it and call it done. DO NOT play with colour, font , any CSS. This is a recipe to spend 3 weeks tweaking your theme and all you think about is your theme. Which will not make any difference.

So the news I wanted to talk about is Optimize press. Plug and play theme ready to be use out of the box. It is simple and straightforward. I don’t even have an affiliate link, just go buy the theme and go make some money.

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